As most of you gardeners know, many of us here in Southern Colorado usually don’t plant our gardens until after Mother’s Day to ensure that we miss the last freeze, but we’ve had the Tomato and Pepper plants growing indoors with grow lights for a couple of weeks now (today is 3/29/2019) so they should be well on their way to production by Mother’s Day.
Remember!  Our Vegetable Plants are only available to Pueblo County Residents and we offer FREE delivery on orders over $15.  We’ll be starting deliveries around the 1st of May and, although we’ve increased the number of Plant Starts we have available from last year, we still recommend that you order as soon as possible to make sure we still have vegetable plants in stock – they go quickly!  Next year we hope to have a greenhouse which will greatly increase the number of vegetable starts we grow.
If you would like to be notified/reminded near the beginning of May, please Contact Us